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I prefer being formless, cause I find it a more enjoyable journey

Short but to the point,  I teach Tai Chi and Qigong movement and principles.

I get questioned a lot on who my master was and what forms and styles I studied and teach. Read more…


You don’t know what something feels like till you feel it

This headline for this post,  You don’t know what something feels like till you feel it, can hold true for many things in life, and is especially true in Tai Chi and Qigong.

Chi or Qi, what am I supposed to feel? Read more…

Why do I teach moving from the pelvis?

This should actually be a much longer post with many more reasons, but this will do for now.  🙂

Yesterday after class, one gentleman who has been coming for a few years now told me “I finally get the idea of moving from the hips”.  I told him,  “great, now refine that movement and center it in your pelvis”. Read more…

We are all bags simply of stuff, so how do we move them?

I was describing my idea on Qigong movement techniques to a class a few years back and most were sort of getting it, but I could tell some were not.

The main principle I was working on getting them to grasp was moving from the inside out.  Not the easiest to grasp when you have never worked on moving this way.  Qigong, is you have not heard me say it or have no experience with it, it different. Read more…

Qigong, I bet it is not what you think it is

stan_side_semi_lungeHonestly,  most people have no clue what it is.  More honestly, after years of practicing, and learning, I am still discovering what it is.  Qigong is much more that stretching.

First of all, lets take the fact that is was developed in China out of the equation.  I would rather say it was developed by some pretty intuitive folks who discovered the mind / body awareness connection 3 – 5 thousand years ago. Read more…