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Walking skills for fall prevention and moving in balance.

For those of us who are able to walk, we tend to take the process for granted. Mindless movement from place to place.

However, walking is a process with many parts, that when they are functioning right, all is good. When there is an issue, things can go quickly wrong.

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Getting to the root of sinking, easier said than done.

Do you practice rooting, drinking, driving your energy and weight deep?

Years ago, my first sensei gave me a great demonstration of the power of the practice.

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Cats, Qigong and structural support

So, I love to discover new ways to use my environment to aid in my Qigong practice. The other day, I used my almost 10 month old, 11.5 pound cat to assist me.

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Frozen mainsprings cannot fulfill their purpose

My father was a watch and clockmaker. Not just a repairman. He truly understood the principles.

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Qigong aids in peronal growth

Qigong increases your self awareness in many ways.

Many of you know I stutter. Many of you also know l am shy and an introvert.

Yet I love to teach Qigong.

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