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The benefit of practicing Tai Chi and Qigong … A different viewpoint.

There are many wonderful things about Tai Chi, Qigong and my own brand of ChiforLiving exercises.

One of the best benefits of practicing however it what it is not about.

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Take a mini Tai Chi meditative moment for health and wellness

When you are stressed, which for many people these days seems to be almost constantly, here is something fsection_reach_grabor you to try which incorporates many Tai Chi and Qigong principles
Today, just once, when you go to reach for something, say a pen or your cup of coffee, instead of mindlessly reaching out to grab it do the following.

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Move those aching joint for pain reduction and better mobility

If you are new to ChiforLiving and my approach to aging with independence and a joyful attitude let me tell you, I have worked with hundreds of aging seniors and boomers.

Most of my students have some sort of chronic ache or pain yet they all find at least minimal and quite often major relief through the use of gentle exercise and stretching movements. Read more…

A lifespan test: Can you get off the floor without using your hands?

By now you should know I work a lot with leg strength and balance.

Yet after all this time working on standing upright I found something I need to work on. Read more…

How many levels does your fitness program work at?

If you are going to spend time on a fitness program don’t you think it may make sense to practice something that will benefit as much of your body and mind as it can?
While many forms of exercise are not meant to be done daily ( as it may cause injury from overuse and wear and tear), Qigong is a form of fitness that is meant to be practiced daily, to become part of your ritual and provide total body / mind benefits.

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