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It’s not what you know, it’s how you use it.. Qigong works

The value of Qigong in a life situation:

In many of the Qigong forms (movements) there are squats. You can do deep squats or very shallow, depending on your condition and abilities. Read more…


Ya gotta do the work, ya just gotta if you want to grow results

If nothing else, teaching has taught me a lot about people.

You see not only do they have different learning styles, they have different learning attitudes. Read more…

It’s about connecting, nourishing, and playing … Qigong works

Normally when I do my morning Qigong it is to stretch out  from the nights sleep and generally get my energy moving.  To day I wanted it to be different and since the sun was out for the first morning in what seems like weeks,

I played with suns energy as it connected with mine.
Read more…

Fate, Karma or just where your supposed to be .. the Chi of Living

I am asked a lot:  “how did you end up teaching this stuff?”

The short answer…  “by accident”

The long answer…  “by accident” Read more…

Tai Chi or Qigong (Chee , Chi) (Gong, Kung) … is there a difference?

First of all,  it is Qigong.  Phonetically,  it is Chee Gong  …   like cheese without the se, and a gong, like you clang.

It’s funny, like most people 20 plus years ago I had never really heard of Tai Chi or Qigong.  From movies and tv shows I knew of Karate and Kung Fu, and through a friend Jujitsu.    But that was it.  I had never seen them life or had any real interaction with them. Read more…