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All the whining had driving me inward.

I have not posted here in quite awhile.  to be honest, I have been trying to avoid online on many occasions.  All the chatter and whining has been making me crazy so I have been trying to avoid it. 
Today  I chose to post this.  

Read more…


Do you play to win or play to play?

It has come into full focus that most people take themselves way too seriously.

Many feel their work, their career, their political and religious views and most of all, their attitude of self importance are of a higher value and demand more attention, respect and reward than anyone else. Read more…

Shouldering the burden of tight fascia.

How many of you find that your shoulders are always tight, and that you can feel this tightness all the way up your neck, through it’s back and sides as well.

In working with students over the years I had the epiphany that even though I asked them to relax and drop their shoulder they were unable to. Not due to tight shoulders, but to tight and locked shoulder blades. Read more…

Beginner mistake number 1 … trying to damn hard, and other tips for success.

I see it every class, especially from new students.  They try to hard.

Tai Chi and Qigong are supposed to be fun, relaxing and designed to help a person feel better. Read more…

Poetry in motion, or so they say.

When you were young and heard the old line “Slowly he turned, step by step”,  did you ever try it?  Turning as slow as you imagined the person in the sketch.  I know I did.  I wanted to be able to sneak up and “terrify” those I were acting it out for.

These days I use the slowly turning and stepping as part of my daily Tai Chi and Qigong practice.  I find now instead of terrifying those who look on, it tends to mystify them. Read more…