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A lifespan test: Can you get off the floor without using your hands?

By now you should know I work a lot with leg strength and balance.

Yet after all this time working on standing upright I found something I need to work on. Read more…

How many levels does your fitness program work at?

If you are going to spend time on a fitness program don’t you think it may make sense to practice something that will benefit as much of your body and mind as it can?
While many forms of exercise are not meant to be done daily ( as it may cause injury from overuse and wear and tear), Qigong is a form of fitness that is meant to be practiced daily, to become part of your ritual and provide total body / mind benefits.

Read more…

There is no good New Years Resolution to be had

Let’s start off with Happy New Year, just to get that out of the way.

About the rest of it, are you really ready to make this year the year of that “change”?

If so, what made you wait for this day.  Why did you not start last month, last week or even yesterday?

My point is, if you need to make it a resolution you are not ready for the change. Read more…

The funk gets to us all, but you can break it

I have to admit, the last couple of months all the negativity in the air due to the election had me in a funk.  I was avoiding all media as best I could and was having a hard time getting motivated to try to motivate anyone else.

My funk is just about over now.  I have started breathing again and focusing on my Qigong, Tai Chi and my own programs with renewed vigor. Read more…

Change is constant, when you accept it you grow

At age 40 I began my adventure with martial arts.  A later start than most and one I wish in retrospect had started earlier.  If you believe in the universe gives you what you need, than you would say “it just wasn’t time”.  

When the time came, I was ready. Read more…