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Those slightly bent joints you see… there’s a good reason for them

Soft soft soft, I said soft.

How many times did I hear this from my first sensei.  A hundred, a thousand, a million.  The actual number does not matter.  Lets just say it was a constant reminder.

But soft what?  I thought Tai Chi was martial arts based.  What was up with this softness thing. Read more…


The passion of balance training, a life skill worth practicing

More than once,  more than a dozen, more than hundred times…  I have been asked “why are you such a fanatic about working on balance with your students?”

The reason is quite simple.  Balance applies to everything we as people do from a standing position.   Read more…

Floating the knee, a gentler, more relaxed way to lift a leg to step

Every time you take a step, you need to lift a leg to move it.  When your thigh is  tense it takes more effort than when the thigh is relaxed.  It is like moving a bag of concrete mix vs moving a bag of feathers.

Does that analogy makes sense to you? Read more…

You can’t hold balance you can’t feel

Today’s senior center class was a good one.  We had a small group to start the year so I chose to focus on a skill instead of moving ahead with our Tai Chi for Arthritis form.
The skill we worked on was holding balance and tapping out with a toe. 

Read more…

All the whining had driving me inward.

I have not posted here in quite awhile.  to be honest, I have been trying to avoid online on many occasions.  All the chatter and whining has been making me crazy so I have been trying to avoid it. 
Today  I chose to post this.  

Read more…