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The tilt and lean concern for standing, walking and balance

How many of you have see older folks, and not just older seniors but aging boomers as well, who have a forward lean in their stance.

For that matter, how many of you have seen folks who have a backward lean to their stance.

On the topic of leans, there is also associated pushing forward of the hips to offset the upper body leaning. Read more…

The Jitterbug Smart, My view on this senior oriented phone

The Jitterbug Smart from Great Call…  could this be just the phone for your or a senior you know?

OK, technology is a not my normal subject matter to  post about, however since I work with a lot of seniors I felt it was worth a go, especially since one of the main uses of the Jitterbug Smart and Great Call  are their health and wellness apps and related services. Read more…

How to disengage to truly relax

I used to wonder how my Sensei could tell if we were relaxing correctly while doing our form work and breathing work in class.  He would be across the room and know by looking. I have since learned this.

It is obvious from seeing hunched shoulders, stiff wrists, crimped fingers, locked joints and on and on. Read more…

Quinoa Salad with Apples and Almonds

This caught my eye today while researching recipes for my newsletter.  Hope you enjoy it

Quinoa Salad with Apples and Almonds Read more…

A Few Ways You Can Motivate the Seniors in Your Life to Exercise

Countless studies have shown the health and wellness benefits that exercise can offer seniors. Exercise can improve arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, and many other conditions that seniors can face as they grow older. Read more…


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