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” I can’t do that!” …. then do this

It is so much fun to work with people of varying degrees of skills, different personality types and all sorts of physical conditions.

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Moving forward against my own blocks

So here i am again. A new year and the same old time of life where I look at where I am, and making the vows to finally make those changes.

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Does your fitness program make you feel happy?

We all know that if a person does not get something from their exercise regime, they will not continue. It is that simple. Results count.

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Weathering the storm of seasonal change

How do you feel on days when it rains?

I myself am a solar person. I thrive on sunshine, feel more energized and ready to take on the world.

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When you’re broken, acting whole can get you through.

I teach a lot, it is what I do, and have been doing for nearly 15 years now. I teach to groups, private classes, live in person and now virtually.

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