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Tai-Chi replaced other high impact forms of exercise

November 25, 2008


I was looking for something I could do to improve my fitness and health

I was always active. A runner for 27 years, Frisbee fanatic, hiker with my friends and wife. Just about anything that had me outdoors and entertained. I needed it, thrived on it to keep me “SANE”.

In my mid 40’s injuries and other physical issues occurred bringing my outdoor activities to a grinding halt. Goodbye stress relief, goodbye exercise, hello depression.

Tai-Chi, for me, was the perfect solution. I had lost standing and walking balance due to foot surgery. I was out of shape from lack of activity and frustrated from inability to get over my situation.

I ran across my old contact, Tom Sulick, who has started to teach Tai-Chi after 40 plus years in the martial arts field. I remembered my feeling upon meeting him years before that he would have an impact on my life someday. We talked and I decided to try his class.

Learning the techniques, the forms and movements of Tai-Chi, I have improved my balance, general flexibility and leg strength. The concentration, focus and discipline needed to practice replaced what I had lost from my inability to continue as a runner.

What I did not expect was the addiction to the art of Tai-Chi. The more I practice and improve my technique, it increases flexibility which improves technique. This loop of improvement increases my desire to practice, and practice and practice.


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  1. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for
    providing these details.


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