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Today at the gym as I did my Tai Chi

November 29, 2008

Waits, weights and crowds

Just another day at the gym (I won’t say which one).

Looking around while I did my warm up stretches I observed every type of person you could imagine. Big, little, fit, unfit, and yes, what I call over fit. There were the tread-millers, weight grunts and wait times for the most popular pieces of equipment.

Watching the grunting force of the weight addicts made me cringe. I enjoy fitness but find the desire for huge muscles non-existent. Now that my Tai Chi forms are ingrained in my muscle memory, I do however plan on using light hand weights while practicing the forms.

I was glad to be there for the mirrors in the quiet room. Using the gym mirrors for Tai Chi is not critical, although I find that the mirrors are my friends. Helping to demonstrate bad form, acting as spotters of flawed technique and to give suggestions on posture and artistic movement.

I met another Tai Chi student. He performs and studies a totally different version of similar styles. I study Chen and Yang styles. He studies Yang mixed with Shaolin techniques. We planned on working together to practice some two person Tai Chi Chuan techniques.

Just talking to someone else who finds Tai Chi so beneficial was refreshing. Usually I get odd looks from everyone except the Yoga and Pilates students.

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