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An attitude of play

December 4, 2008

I was teaching a class (in an assisted living center)  the other day and we were discussing kids.  I asked the question,  “why do you think kids have so much energy and run around all day”?

One of the women said “because they are young”  I told her I totally disagreed with her.  I said “it is because that is what they do. They run, they play and just do it to have fun”.  I continued with the idea that you take those same kids, sit them in chairs or couches for 8 – 10 hours a day like most adults and you would find their demeanor and energy levels totally different.

Basically, my point here is to have an attitude of play.  Most adults tend to forget what play is.  I mean true, mindless, senseless play with movement for fun.  For example,  test yourself.  See how long it takes to decrease the amount  of time it takes to walk from “here to there”.  Toss things from one hand to the other.  How many times before you miss.  Toss them up, catch them low and so on.  And if you miss,  you may just have reach down to pick something up – OH MY

These simple games, and many many others can keep you moving, improve your balance, co-ordination,flexibility, ranger of motion, energy and attitude.

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