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Healthy Bones and older adults

December 12, 2008

Just this past week I started teaching a group at The House of Good Shepard in Hackettstown, NJ who have been participating in a Healthy Bones class. I was looking forward to seeing how my program would compare to the one they were working with.

I have to say, both the group and I were pleasantly surprised that my program gave them a more thorough workout than what they were used to. Comparing the programs would take a thorough study, however by the number of questions, the response on how they felt after my class and comments like “We could use to have you hear more than once a month” left me feeling pretty positive about the reception to my program.

What I have found it there are seniors who feel resigned to becoming old. They don’t care to try to improve their situation. Then I get a group like this one and you could immediately sense they wanted to be able to walk better, reach better and overall live a better life. When given the opportunity to push themselves during class, the majority took the challenge and were surprised that they could do more than they thought.

I am looking forward to going back next month and checking to see if the group did their homework and practiced my basic balance builder exercises. I am hoping they did so we can all see progress. It is also possible that when progress is shown, the center will foot the cost of adding more classes.

Part of my new goal is to look for other centers running the Healthy Bones program and approaching them about adding some of my Fitness For Independent Living classes.

One Comment
  1. Marc A. Wolfe permalink

    I wonder why a program like yours isn’t standard in all centers. I want my parents to be able to stay flexible and active as they age. Who wouldn’t?


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