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Continuing Education

December 16, 2008

Although I teach my own versions of movement inspired by Tai Chi,  it continues to be important to me that I learn as much as I can so I can pass techniques on to my students.

This past year I have been studying a short form called Easy Tai Chi, along with the teachers short 5 Minute Fitness exercise program.  I found that my own versions of Tai Chi, and exercises, ones that I have been doing for years are similar, yet different to Dr. Jeffery’s.  

I have also begun studying a program named ChiFusion.  I will be studying to get certification for this program, not to teach it per se, but to have the teaching methods I will learn added to my background.  Again, the more background I get, experiences added my own base, the better teacher of my own programs I will become.

I was leery about mentioning this education and class taking.  Since I don’t teach  in the traditional manner and really do not teach Tai Chi forms at this time, what does it matter if I study it?

The answer is simple. Learning other forms of  proper leg position for a given stance,  subtleties of turns,  foot placement and weight shifting adds value that I can share in any exercises I teach.

  1. Does ChiFusion remind you of your previous career? Oh the pain and suffering! 😉

    Do they offer ChiPHP?


  2. I have been following the chi fusion course and find it very helpful. The best thing about having a variety of approaches and teachers is that you pick and choose what works for you and there is nothing negative about that in my opinion.


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