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Recliners and decline of fitness

December 18, 2008

I like TV.  Yes I do, and I like to recline and watch football, baseball, some sort of goofy show, or whatever.   We used to have a regular couch,  then a sleeper sofa, and then, OH BOY,  we got a recliner sofa with double lay-back sections.

Guess what – my wonderful recliner give me back pain.  WHAT!  I’m a stretching and flexibility guy, I do Tai Chi,  I move all the time.  I bend, twist and exercise all the time.  It sems the positions I get into while in my TV mode cause undo stresses on supporting muscles of my lower back and abdomen.  As a result, I find after a TV session I really need to stretch out my back before any other activities.

Like I tell my ladies in classes when we talk about kids and their energy; sit them down for months on end and look at what happens. They stop moving, gain weight, become less active and form habits of  inaction.  

Common sense tells me that some of you who read this also recline,  get back pain and do nothing about it.  Submitting to the “effects of aging” is quite a popular excuse.  Well, excuse me, the effects of laying or sitting around for hours on end,  inaction and inactivity have nothing to do with aging.  

Think about this.  Make a small space in front of your TV.   Just enough room to stand up and do some gentle stretching exercises.  The TV is still there “keeping you entertained” and you will be much better off, in less chronic pain,  able to do more,  and taking the first step in creating a lifestyle of wellness.

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