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Keeping soft under stress

December 26, 2008

This happens, that happens, your stress levels build and the next thing you know your neck is in knots,  you shoulders ache,  the middle of your back is tight and painful and your head feels like it has been struck with a hammer.

Stress is a process that takes time to build, and a lot happens to your body in that time.  Coincidently,  it is also a process that takes time to unwind and time to undo the damage that stress causes.

Learning stress management is a  change in both physical and mental approaches to life.  Incorporating a softer attitude in how you look at and deal with adversities, and how your body reacts are aspects you can learn to dictate.

Using breathing techniques to calm yourself,  looking at things in a half full versus half empty mentality, exercise and healthy diet play a large roll in overall stress free living.

The practice of Yoga and Tai Chi based exercise help you to learn to live in a relaxed physical and mental state. Both incorporate breathing techniques, softness of movement and muscle control,  and meditation practice.  Practiced regularly, these modes of exercise work to help reduce levels of stress, teach you methods to keep the stress from taking hold to begin with and help keep your immune system, physical structure and mental health in shape to deal with issues that may still arise.

One Comment
  1. Matt permalink

    I agree. Stress relief takes time to undo the damage. As with the cause of stress…most people won’t think they have time to relax.

    Even when “relaxing”, there may be some lingering things that run around upstairs.

    This brief hits a lot of the methods for good stress relief. People should inquire further to learn about these techniques. They’ll soon see that they’re not time consuming and can really make a impact on they’re health and life.


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