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No time like the new year to take the first step

December 31, 2008

So,  how many pounds did you gain during the holidays.  How still did you become with all the sitting,  with the thought in the back of your mind of, I’ll do something about it after the holidays?

Well guess what? Take a look at the calendar, today is the end of the holidays and the time has come to get out of the chair,  take a good look at yourself and say, this time next year, I will be in better shape, emotionally, physically and spiritually then I am today.

Oh yea,  if you are chair bound,  I say so what.  You can still make improvements over how your life is today!

There are so many ways to attack this issue.  The best way is one small step at a time. None of it is easy, none is instantaneous – except perhaps the spiritual part.  

No matter your level of physical fitness,  you can improve.  A little extra stretching here or there.  A walk about, a little less on your plate, or the same amount, only better quality products.

This is all especially true for seniors.  I have seen progress in the older adults I teach from increased fitness.  They become more active, more social, less depressed and anxious.  

So, here is the question.  Are you going to make a commitment to yourself to take hold of your life and make it a better year, which will lead to a better life all around?  Is fo, please leave a comment on what you feel you can do as step one.

If not, I would like to hear why.

  1. my first step is reading a book that is by an American-Budhist-Nun, Thubten Chodron. the book is on getting through anger and replacing it with compassion.


  2. jeanie permalink

    My first step was throwing out the leftover Christmas sweets rather then eating until its all gone. (This was a very painful step)


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