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Try a simple fitness check

January 3, 2009

Don’t you just love when people ask you about your general physical health?  You always feel great, on top of your game and have no issues right?


Let me ask you a few things :

  • Do you wear slip on shoes or shoes with Velcro closures because leaning over or elevating your foot to tie laces it too difficult?  
  • Do you avoid walking becuase you get out of breath, or your balance is off?  
  • Is putting on your pullover shirt or sweater more difficult than it should be?
  • Do you get cramps in your calves?
  • Does your heart pound from simple everyday activities?
  • Can you move your arms, hands or wrists freely without pain?
  • Do you have persistent low back pain?
  • Do you know if you have good sitting or standing posture?

Lets try a few things:

  • Stand on one leg for a 15 seconds without holding or touching something for support.  No swaying allowed  🙂
  • Try to do this with your eyes closed
  • March in place for 30 seconds, lifting your knees as high as possible
  • Hold both arms directly overhead for 15 seconds
  • Touch your fingertips to the floor  (knees SLIGHTLY bent is ok)
  • Do a squat with your back as straight as possible – can you do it?
  • Stand on the balls of your feet and hold for 15 seconds
  • Standing straight and tall, with arms at your side,  lean to each side and touch your fingertips to the sides of your knees

How did you do?  Better or worse than you thought?  Now that you tried this, would following a simple fitness program meant to increase your capabilities without the use of equipment be of interest?

Please comment on what you would like to see included in a program that would interest you.

  1. I liked your blog! Goodluck!!


  2. jeanette permalink

    just flunked your fitness check!! LOVED trying the challenges though. the test gave me a reality check and the impetus to get off the couch. here’s to a fitter year than the last one. thanks!


  3. I am 75 years old and answered all your first questions like a healthy person—I even have good sitting and standing posture. And I just passed your fitness test with flying colors, EXCEPT for the first one, standing on one leg for 15 seconds. I guess this means I’m fairly fit, but my balance leaves something to be desired. I’ll need to work on this. I agree with Jeanette, let’s make this year a fitter one than 2008.


  4. Amy Nichols permalink

    I am 32 years old and a Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer. I so many of these moves in my classes and have found that most of these are hard for a lot of people who believe themselves to be “in shape” until they try to do it. It is always a good reality check to see where you stand with your health. Hope you can reach the fit and working to be fit populations. You are an inspiration. Thank you Stan. Amy-


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