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Simple, no strings attached arm raises

January 4, 2009

Have you ever seen a marionette move across a stage?  Arms and legs dangling, loose and floppy while the body just sort of floats from spot to spot.  Looking effortless yet under control with it’s head up, and body hanging underneath.

Well, try to picture yourself as a marionette, with a string attached to the top of your head,   gently pulling you up to the sky. Let your shoulders droop and relax, breathe normally and let your arms hang loose at your sides.

Bend your knees slightly (soft knees) as you stand in place.  Now,  imagine strings attached to your wrists.

As you breath in,  lets the strings pull  your wrists up, slowly raising your arms up in front of you, with your wrists raising first,  your hands dangling loose and relaxed.  As you breath out, your hands and arms drop back to the natural loose starting position.

Do this 10 times,  moving as slowly and relaxed as you can, barely moving, breathing slowly in pace with tthe movement.

This coordinated movement  and breathing technique  is a basic element that is incorporated into many movements. Different combinations of hand and arm positions, stances, and stretches all use the same timing and pacing of breath to movement. 

How do you feel trying to combine the two elements?  Does it seem natural or odd?

Please comment on how you feel after doing this movement 10 to 15 times.

  1. Hello. When i first tried the movement it did seem different. And going slow was difficult. But after several times i find it very relaxing. in some ways like meditation. thank you.


  2. When most people think of exercise they think- Weights- Equipment-the Gym. But you reignite an approach that gets overlooked-Slow purposeful movement. I see where this can help a large group of people who need it.


  3. When people try the techniques I use they are often quite surprised at how much work it takes to move slowly, with total control. Thanks for picking up on the potential of my programs.


  4. Ivette Figueroa permalink

    Amazing things happen when we put our mind to work. I used to think that running on a treadmill or walking really fast was the way to loose all my weight. One day I attended a Pilates class and wow! that changed my life. You are right Stan, I had no idea of the amount of work it took to move slowly with total control. You not only excercise your body, but your mind and soul as well.

    We all need Stans techniques…


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