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Living better is not a New Years resolution

January 8, 2009

Face it,  how many times has the new year come around and you have made the resolution to exercise, to eat better and get yourself healthy and fit? How many times has it not lapsed back into old habits a few months later?

We are now in mid January.  How are this years resolutions working out for you?

 I’ve done the new years deal quite often in the past.  Most have faltered along the way as they were made as a whim to “finally get right” that year. I finally found  that taking the term New Years out the picture created life resolutions, ones that need to be taken seriously when started and do not have to wait for s special occasion to begin.. 

The reality is that  unless something happens that makes it so clear that you need to make a change, the resolution is more of a game than a commitment.  For example,  you decide have a baby and you realize that unless you make a commitment to getting fit, you will be unable to spend  quality time with your child.

Any major change takes work, commitment and honesty. Most smokers I know who have succeeded in quitting needed to get to the point of truly wanting to stop. Trying usually ended in failure.  The same goes with any fitness program.

When there are things in your life that are hard to do, you are unable to do, or just want to do better you have a choice.  You can continue to want, or make a choice,  a real soul searched and decided choice to make improvements in your life.

Have you ever made a fitness resolution that failed or was a success?  Would you tell me something about it?

  1. ermstrategies permalink

    Stan, I think that a great supplement to your service would be nutrition. (pun partially intended).

    i don’t see a wealth of information on the nutritional aspects of aging. Or maybe I just haven’t found those sources.


  2. I am starting to work with a nutritionist. There will a lot of info on a project of mine coming soon. Check out what we have so far on

    Thanks for the comment


  3. Chris Moore permalink

    Yeah I think that’s an excellent idea, I saw a nutritionist when I was first diagnosed as diabetic, and she helped a great deal to get me on a better track.

    I didn’t make a resolution this year, so I suppose I haven’t broken any.

    I am still fighting smoking, but getting closer to victory I think.


  4. Wow Stan!! You have been busy!! Very informative site with great content within articles!! Might want to consider having a general comment area for anyone (like me) who would like to leave a comment, but not necessarily related to one article in particular. Love the blogg where anyone can write in and find out more about your work and living intuitively!! Different than most web site and appealing!! Congrats on a fabulous site!!
    Blessing of Success Stan!!


  5. Amy Nichols permalink

    A resolution? What does it really mean? res*i*lu*tion noun 1.strong purpose or determination 2. something officially decided upon by a group or organization 3.(my favorite) a solution or end to an argument or other conflict. . . .so what is your personal argument or conflict? If it health we are pondering here I hope that you/I can make it a daily resolution and not a New Years resolution. With a daily resolution you can work on it every day and not feel failure if you have a bad day. You just get right back to it the next day. Good luck with your daily resolutions. . . . .


  6. Stan, Resolutions are broken so easily. You get the older generation to first change their thinking, then, when they follow your easy to follow movements they will actually see and feel the results. This becomes so much more than a resolution to follow. You make it fun and easy for them (us).
    As I have followed what you have done from the beginning I am so impressed with your heart attitude toward helping the older generation stay fit. You are a very special person. May God open the doors so you can advance your work and help the millions of people who are in need of your assistance. Rob Adams, CEO Space Northeast


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