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Think about your future fitness

January 14, 2009

When is a good time to start thinking about how you fit you will be when you are older?  What does young. middle age, or older actually consist of? 

Is this something you only consider when you look at your parents or do you think about this when you look at you kids and wonder where your youth and energy went?

The perfect time to start thinking about your future fitness and lifestyle is now.  The sooner you begin a  stretching program, exercise program and change of diet, the healthier you will be as you age.  Lifestyles become ingrained, set in our ways habits.  The concept of a morning stretch, a walk on the treadmill  are much easier to start at a younger age and a carry forward than to pick up at an older age.

Think about your parents, or grandparents and the way they move.  Are they flexible? Do they have issues with stairs, walking a distance or picking something up off the floor?  Our  lifespans are increasing due to improvements in nutrition, medicine and medical intervention.  

The same cannot be said for you flexibility, range of motion, balance  as life skills. It is up to us to maintain our physical bodies.  

What plans do you have, or program you currently participate in for maintaining your health and fitness?

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