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When is marching not marching?

January 15, 2009

I bet at one time or another you did a marching exercise.  It may have been in gym class,  grammer school or perhaps an aerobics session.

I will also bet that whoever ran the class had you really pumping the legs to get the blood flowing, heart racing and sweat beads turning to torrents.  I would like you to try some different marching.  

You can do this standing, using a chair to touch for balance or to sit if you need.

We are going to to do two things in unison here.  Alternating knee lifts and breathing.  The way it works is simple.  As you life  a knee, breath in deeply.  As you lower your knee, exhale.  And change legs.

The tempo:  make it a count to 5 as you lift your knee.  Slower is better but 5 will do.  Lower the knee as slow as you raised it.  

The breathing:  time your breathing so that your inhale ends at 5, and your exhale ends as your foot touches the floor.seated

The pattern:  alternate your legs, raising your knee as high as it can go, trying to make the movements slow, controlled and smooth.

Do 10 with each leg.

How did you do?  A more important question is how did it feel to more under those conditions?

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