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Fitness from the slow lane

January 21, 2009

My dad always used to drive two miles under the speed limit.   I would get upset as a muscle car raced passed, top down the people laughing and racing on.  Dad would say,  they won’t get far ahead.  At the next light, there they would be, right in front of us, idling.   Dad was right.

Think about this in terms of fitness and how hard or gently you work at it.  

  • Do you pace yourself or do you rush through each exercise only to tire midway through?
  •  Do you set unrealistic goals and try to maximize each session to get to that number only to end in an injury that sets you a week or two back,  or do you set  realistic goals and timetable?
  • Do you do gentle warm up and cool-down stretches to ease in and out of workouts?
  • Do you take some quiet time for  meditation or introspection?
  • Have you ever tried a muscle and body awareness program?
  • Do you know how you want your program/fitness level to impact your life?

I teach my interpretation of  the art of movement. My students learn to feel their bodies move through each exercise. We don’t rush, in fact we do just the opposite. Each movement is done very slowly yet still attains the end result of being fully stretched.  We don’t “run out of gas”.  We work within our limits to avoid injury listen to our bodies and gain improvement from each class.

Tell me how you approach exercise

Do you take the slow and gentle approach,  work out as hard and as often as you can, or take a middle road?

One Comment
  1. Hi Stan,
    I really like this post most people do not give this advice. I learned this from my years in theatre. I loved my movement classes and am so thankful the teachers I had. I miss those days. Thanks for putting this information out there. I wish more people knew about movement and how it could make them feel better. 😀


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