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What is fitness for everyday activities?

January 27, 2009

As you have aged has it become more difficult to do activities you enjoy?  For myself, I love Frisbee. I used to spend hours on the beach with my friend playing, running, leaping and throwing.  I can no longer, at age 54 play as long as I used to.  I can play almost as hard for shorter periods though.  Were I not keeping active, and trying to stay fit, I would most likely just enjoy the memories and no longer attempt to play the game anymore.

Life itself holds just as many challenges as playing a physical game.

Do you live in a multi-story home and have a need to climb stairs? Does it make you feel winded or weak legged?  Do you ever have to step up onto a curb, or step over or around something that your kids left on the floor?  Do you trip over items or bump into objects?

Do you ever have to swerve your shopping cart to avoid a collision rounding a corner in the store? How is your balance to navigate the obstacles, make sudden stop and direction changes? 

How well can you pick up the grocery bags and put them in the car?  Oh my, then have to bend to lift them out of the trunk at home.

How easy or difficult putting a sweater on depends on how flexible your shoulders are.  Have you ever gotten stuck in a sleeve with your arm overhead?

If you own your own home,  or rent,  I bet  you  have to shovel snow, mow grass  or trim hedges.  Do you get weekend warier fatigue, sore muscles from the occasional activity or are you fit enough for these projects?

When I talk about being fit, it is not about gym fitness. We could all use more strength, of course.  Muscle burns more fat and has many other benefits.  My point is about living everyday life and having the fitness to bend, stretch, lift, walk, step, climb and reach to perform normal tasks with relative ease.  

Think about how you feel when cannot do something  you really enjoy due to physical limitation. Does it cause stress and anxiety?  Would you be willing to do easy exercises that would help you become more physically capable and reduce stress? 

Tell me about the issues you have and feel could be handled easier if you were in better shape.

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