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A passion of living with movement

January 29, 2009

I have a friend that talks about passion on his blog.  He talks a lot about personal passion in regard to living, working and combining them into a way of life. One that you feel truly at ease with and one that fits your goals.

My passion is about helping people become passionate about the way they move, about living living life the best they can and not being mentally saddled by their ailments.

I can relate to the complaints of being stiff, sore, having a bad back and getting older.  I’m 54 and have bad discs in my back.  I sit a lot and have very tight hamstrings. And  yea,  I have a surgically removed joint in my right big toe that causes major balance issues and I have other feet maladies.

Guess what, I still do my exercises.  I still stretch, walk, do Tai Chi, work in the yard and play Frisbee when I can. I maintain an attitude of play because I am passionate about keeping moving. I know if I stop all the aches and pains will get worse.   My joints will stiffen, my low back will get much worse and I won’t feel like moving. 

So what does mean to you.  It means that since everything you do in live starts with movement, you have no reason to not want to move better. No matter what you age or physical condition, you can improve and do more than you can now.  If you are chair-bound, you can do waist turns to loosen you spine. You can do shoulder exercises to loosen you upper back, shoulders and neck.  Basically, you just can.

If you are ambulatory you can do much much more.

And get this, the more you do,  the more you can do. Movement becomes addictive. When you notice you can look over your shoulder to check traffic while driving,  bend to get a pan from the cabinet while cooking. When you can put on a sweater easier you feel it, in your heart and in your bones.

I see people all the time. I teach, I shop I observe.  It is rare that I see someone moving with ease. They pop out though. Moving easily through a crowd, walking upright, sprightly and smiling, at ease.

The question is, do you have a passion for life? If so, why not have a passion for keeping fit so you can enjoy it better.

Tell me why you don’t agree,  or tell me why you do.

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