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Have time and a place for chocolate and coffee?

February 9, 2009

If you are reading this then the headline worked.  A bit sensational I know, but the title  has it’s reasoning for this short posting.

It seems that people can find any reason not to exercise.  I don’t have time,  I need special clothing, I don’t want to pay a membership fee,  I don’t, I can’t I won’t this that or the other thing.  And this is for something good for them. 

On the other side,  there is always time to stop for coffee,  or walk down the hall to get some chocolate,  or combine them with coffee and a piece of chocolate cake .

Simple fitness takes no more time than a 15 or 20 minute coffee break a day.  (longer if you want to improve faster)  It needs no special “things” other than a positive attitude and willingness to work at it. 

Ten simple exercises a day will work on leg strength,  flexibility and balance.  Adding in breathing relaxes and oxygenates the system as well.

And guess what, you can still have your goodies as I am talking about general fitness for everyday living and not weight loss fitness.  However, you will find that as you begin to see improvements in your general fitness you will decide to work on the weight and overall health issues as well.

Would you be willing to do 15 minutes of gentle stretches a day for 6 weeks?  Would you be willing to do them twice a day, in the morning and at night?  If not,  tell me what you would be willing to do to improve your health.

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  1. You only get to play this game once. A few minutes now can add years to it later.


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