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Who benefits from your fitness?

February 18, 2009

I like the phrase “think about this”.  I don’t mean it as a command, but more of a way to prep you for some food for thought that I follow up with.

So,  think about this for a second. Who really benefits from you being more fit, more independent, and better able to take care of your daily needs?

Notice I did not mention age as part of the equation today.  This topic is about self care and those who may need to assist you.  This topic is age irrelevant.  Injuries, illness and dependence on others can happen to anyone at anytime.  

Keeping healthy, maintaining diet, exercise, and overall wellness is the main defense against the multitude of items can that take you down.  I know, I have been there and luckily for me , my wife was able to deal with me being 95 percent dependent on her for an extended period of time.

Back to the question of who really benefits from your keeping fit.  Obviously the number one person is you.  You keep moving, you can walk, work, play, talk, eat, drive,  and have a healthy relationship with your family and friends.   The same group of family and friends also benefits greatly.

Again using my wife as an example.  For the 9 months I was floor bound from an injured back, she did everything.  She plowed snow all winter, cared for the coal stove, cooked, cleaned, took care of her mother, washed the clothes, dishes and yes, still worked her 40 your a week job.

I have to ask, who do you think had it worse.  I had to deal with my devils,  she had to deal with more.  

This leads right to the next question.  If you allow yourself to slide or give up on your overall health and wellness,  what are you really saying about those who care about you?

What would you do to make life easier for those who may need to look after you should you have a fall, become ill due to bad diet or nutritional habits.  If you smoke, would you quit?  If you drink too much would you stop?  If you sit on a couch and snack all day or night would you take some time to exercise?

If you say no to doing things  to improve just not your life, but also  those who depend on you,  then you are making it all about you.

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