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No-one ever said it was easy

March 3, 2009

Woke up today and realized I had not written in a few days  (make it 6 days). Where did the time go?  What had I replaced the time I use to write with;  how did I let it get away from me?

This exact same line of thinking happens with my exercise as well.  I try to keep on a schedule.  Between teaching, yard-work,  walking to the post office, and other activities I work at keeping moving.

Then is happens, three or four days go by and I realize I have not stretched,  or really gotten out of the recliner.  What happens to me in those time-frames?  Do I lose my motivation?  Do I get suddenly lazy? 

Just this past weekend we worked on our hedgerow,  cutting down overgrowth and pulling out vines and other unwanted vegetation.  We knew it would snow on Sunday so we worked hard on Saturday.  Sunday came and went, no snow, but I had exhausted my muscles and was aching from the vine pulling.  Sunday turned to Monday and we had 10 inches of snow.  I used my tractor and plowed twice.  Each time took about two hours (we have a lot of driveway to clear).  So except for lifting  and angling the plow via the manual handles I got no real exercise.

Here is is Tuesday and I have not stretched sine last Thursday.  Friday was very busy, then the above weekend and so it goes.  Sometime life just gets in the way.

Does this mean I beat myself up about it.  I don’t think so.  I just get back on schedule and do my best to keep it moving forward.

When life gets in your way, how do you deal with getting back on track?

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