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Seeing the benefit of exercise in application

March 11, 2009

Soon I will be 55.  I never considered this an older age until my father passed away at age 56. To be quite honest, that scared the crap out of me as I was 23 at the time.  I thought to myself, I know I am healthy now, but how will I be when I am “old like dad was”?

Here I am, just a little more than a year away from that “scary” age and still in fairly good shape and no longer looking at 56 as old.  I know, I am a fitness teacher to older adults so I better be fit, right?   Well,  I sit too much, go to way more meetings then a normal person, and don’t get enough of my own exercise.  However I do the senior center thing at least three times a week, work in the yard and do practice as much as I have time for.

But is this enough?  Good question,  but you also need to ask, is this enough for who?  What are we relating good enough too and for what application is the fitness for.  Can I play football, run track, or lift 250 pound overhead? I don’t think so.  But, can I work on my landscaping for a few hours, bending, pulling brush piles around, walk up and down the slopes of my yard and work hard.  You betcha.  

Another example:  I used to play Frisbee for hours and hours on the beach with my best friend. Now I only play once or twice a year so I don’t have the legs for it like I used to.  However, I do leg lifts, practice my fitness routine and do simple,  slow moving but quality sessions of exercise.  Just two days ago, I met up my friend and we played almost 5 hours of pretty active Frisbee.

Long story short.  Practicing movement routines helps you live life better and do daily living activities than without it. Plain and simple truth.  The more you practice, and do the exercises, the more you will be able to do.  It makes no matter what age you are. You can make improvements,  be more self sufficient,  do more life activities and live healthier.

Do you have a reason to not try to be more fit?  Tell me about it.  Just type in the comment box below or click right here and send me a private email.


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