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I have been asked why I teach my movement techniques to seniors

March 17, 2009

Today I got the answer once again from a class I gave at Bentley Assisted Living in Branchville, NJ.  As I went through the 1/2 hr long flexibility routine I heard comments like,  “I could feel that” and “that was a good one”. One women asked why I was not affiliated with the local hospital as she felt the program is the best she has ever been involved with.  

We did some new eye-hand coordination and balance exercises that went over very well.  I could see the group smiling as they had fun testing their own skills, laughing and really enjoying exercise.  After class a few of the women mentioned that my class is the only class they take.  They can do the work,  see the results and look forward to me coming each time.

The new assistant activity directory went through the class as well.  She is a younger women, yet she got as much out of the class as the seniors. Her comments were the same although she added that the breathing techniques and how they were incorporated were very different and extremely effective. She was truly surprised to see the level of enjoyment and participation level and capabilities shown by her residents.  After class they were all clamoring for me to come more than twice a month.  I agree, it should be a minimum of once a week.

Need I say more on why I teach this other than knowing that what I do, and want to teach others to do helps to make positive changes in peoples lives,  that the work if greatly appreciated and that as I grow the business I am making an impact on a group who drastically needs the attention.

OK, enough horn tooting, I am just energized by my ladies  (and a few male students),

Would you like to help older adults get more out of life?  Contact me and we can discuss my program.

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