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Every day is a fitness test

March 19, 2009

Every night when you go to sleep  you know how you felt during the day.  There is a frame of reference from how you felt in the morning, as you went through the day and how the day moved along.

You should assume that the next day should be similar, and potentially better.  As we age, do the odds for potentially better then the day before increase, or decrease or stay the same?   If you have been following my blog,  you should be able to guess that I would gamble on most older adults voting for increased odds of feeling worse.

I believe each day is a new test. Depending on how you do on the test is the result of how well you prepare for it. For a scholastic test you study, cram, study some more and hopefully remember the content and context of your subject.  The physical living test results are based on a different criteria.

  • How much exercise do you do?
  • What is your diet like?
  • How is your mindset – do you live in a state of stress?
  • Do you get enough mental,  and  physical rest?

Basically,  how well do you prep your body and mind for day to day living?  Just like in school,  unless you study, you fail  (unless you cheat) In the physical life test, unless you take care of yourself and do the right preparations,  your body fails.  There is no cheating that works.

Programs like my own ChiForLiving or traditional Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are great for proving physical and emotional exercise.

How well do you take care of your phyical nature?  Do you take the time to let yourself heal on a daily basis?

  1. Yes, I am finding each day as a test like you said. I have been eating healthier and doing more exercise. Since a lot of walking outside is required on my night time job, it gives me the opportunity to exercise properly. About 10 years ago, I changed the type of work that I did to work on the stress factor. Working nights does present a problem with the proper rest because ones life is turned backward but I am learning to just let things go that I can not get to on my days off and not stress over it. Like today for instance, I slept my day away but it was actually a night because I ended my work day at 6:30a.m. I read a lot about healthy living and really appreciate ALL of your blogs. As I have said before, if I lived in a state where you taught a class, I would be there! Keep of the good work in all that you do. Everyday, I am practicing the breathing exercises that you wrote about and finding it is VERY helpful.


  2. Thanks for your feedback. Knowing that my post and comments are helpful is good news any day :0


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