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Sometimes you just don’t care

March 30, 2009

Everybody has these days.  You wake up, feel a bit out of sorts, and no matter how bright the sun shines,  you feel like hell.  The worst part is, you just woke up in a bad mood.  Seems like you didn’t have a choice about this being a good day or a bad day.

You think COFFEE,  that is what I need.  So you make a cup, gulp it down and now you are wide awake and really able to focus on the fact that you are still in a bad mood.  And,  you just don’t care about anything.  

Did you dream bad dreams,  not dream,  or just not get enough rest?  Perhaps work is too stressful and you need some time off, but you just can’t take the time.  Something has you churning and the shields are up.

Maybe today you just need to get comfortable with yourself.  Look in a  mirror and take a real good look. The reflection has no shields so you can see what  anyone else would see.  Does what you see reflect how you feel?  

Now smile,  Not a smirk, but a smile. I know, you felt so bad, your hair is wild,  cowlicks up.  You  know what,  instead of  grabbing onto the frustration, let it go and just laugh at the way you look.  You may feel stupid doing it but who cares.  It’s just you and your reflection.  

How about you let yourself change the reflection.  Make it smile a real smile. let it relax and breath a deep clearing breath.   Sometimes you just have to face it, not everyday is your best.  It does not mean you should not try to  make the best out of it that you can.

What do you do when you feel not quite right?  Do you exercise, talk to friends, go for a solitude walk, meditate, or just curl up on a couch and wait for it to pass?

One Comment
  1. Bad days are what you make of them. I do dislike days when I feel that “nothing got done”. Most people tend to take bad days out on those that surround them (family friends, the dog) but that still doesn’t make their day any better. Think of bad days as an attitude that YOU allow to make them bad. It is all about your perspective and wouldn’t you rather make lemons into lemonaide?


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