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Talking with my seniors today after exercise class

April 23, 2009

Today was a small class.  Those who did come worked hard.  We did 30 minutes of standing leg strength and balance movements.  Then 25 minutes of seated flexibility work.

We discussed after class the reasons that we are all there.  I explained that my job is to help them reduce falls, build strength, endurance and increase their flexibility which all help them do their daily activities easier.

Their reason for coming is to help maintain their independence,  and keep active.  They also enjoy the camaraderie,  and class is fun. The last two are a bonus.

The group discussion turned to keeping flexible to make it easier to get dressed,  put on and tie shoes,  and put on “pullover” tops.  We talked about the purpose of balance and how it helps to reduce falls.  One of the women is recovering from a broken pelvis and had a lot of comments on that issue!

I ask them each week if they practice the movements.  They said they try but most are very busy and don’t get enough time.  Of course as a teacher I chastised them and told them the exercise it what allows them to stay active.

Funny, they agreed.  

I asked them if they remembered why we do so much hand above their heads, or “hands in the air” exercise.  Most did not remember  so I reminded them that when their hands are above their hearts,   it works their heart harder to pump blood to the extremities while fighting gravity.  

One women said she saw on “The Doctors” talk show about the 4 count breath.  I laughed and said, think about what we do in class.  All the movement are slow motion exercise and incorporate breathing techniques.  The women smiles and said,  yes,  I know, and just wanted to tell you “The Doctors”  agree with you!

Basically, this group loves the class.  Most of the women have been coming for two years.  They all see themselves stronger then when we started and know that it helps maintain their overall wellness.

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