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Play Ball – Seniors catch the motion

June 3, 2009

Who says you can’t enjoy a good game of catch from a chair.  During Tuesday’s class at Bentley Assisted living I incorporated a session of coordination and balance movements with various size balls.  The seniors were a bit leery when I first brought them out of the bag.  You could see the thoughts of “what is he doing to us now” as I started to hand them out.

We used them for various exercises,  including some footwork. As part of the class,  the  handwork and eye-hand-concentration movement involved some individual toss and catch to test reflex and coordination,  sensitivity and motor skills and just plain fun.  The seniors were smiling, laughing and yes, a bit frustrated at the missed catches and dropped balls.

All in all it was a good class with the seniors finding they could do more than they thought.  We talked about them using apples, oranges, or even spools of thread to practice the exercise we did with balls on their own.

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