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Dealing with caregiver stress through stretching

November 29, 2011

Day after day of dealing with mom, or dad, or work…  as a caregiver.  Lugging, laundry, mopping, lifting, sitting, bending and so on; all the while listening for sounds of some sort of need, or emergency call.

It can get to you…  and if you say it doesn’t matter that much or wear on you I won’t believe it.

Caregiver stress is well documented. In fact, many caregivers end up needing care given to them at some point. I feel one major way to keep this is at bay is through stretching  and mentally relaxing before they crash and burn.

One obvious benefit of stretching if maintaining flexibility which allows you to keep up with the demands of your task. Performing slow and gentle stretching that incorporates breathing techniques adds an second, if not more important benefit of relaxing the mind as well.  A few minutes a day will give great relief to a person who is constantly under the caregiving gun.   Taking this much needed and deserved personal break allows time to reflect, pray, relax, and defuse.

Choosing to be a caregiver should also require choosing to care for yourself first, so those you care for will get the best care you can give.

  1. Stretching is so amazing.

    I try to start each day off with a good 10 minute stretching routine. Makes for a great day!

    Nice post! 🙂


  2. Personally, I manage my stress by watching my diet, completely eliminating junk and artificial foods make me far less stressful and much healthier. I will give this a shot though and let you know how it goes.


  3. Thanks for your comments. I find that diaphragmatic breathing really slows down my stretching and works at helping me empty my head from all the days rampant thoughts. @thinkinglazy: I am curious what sort of results you will find. Please do check back in with me.


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