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Stepping into imbalance

May 23, 2012

I have mentioned before that everything we do starts with some sort of movement. Stepping (walking) takes this further and adds the element of balance.

Balancing on one leg requires strength, agility, coordination and concentrationLet me make a statement and see if you agree:

Any time to take a step, at some point during the process you will have one foot off the ground and balancing on one leg until you place the stepping foot back down. 

It is this transition from balance, to imbalance and back to balance that causes many falls among our aging, which in many times ends with a major downturn in their health.

Do you agree?  If not,  they tell me why, and if you do, can you balance one leg while moving from one position to another?

Such a simple thing, this stepping ability, one which we all take for granted, can be one that leaves us unable to keep our independence if lost.  The older we get the more difficult it becomes for many to maintain their strength and coordination due to illness, general weakening of the muscles, laziness, or some other age related illness or syndrome.

Tai Chi style exercise has been shown to benefit many age related condition, and in many cases help make drastic improvements in the quality of  life for those with balance and medical issues.

Being able to take a controlled step requires a combination of physical and mental coordination and cooperation between various functions.

A  few items on the list may include:

  • spatial awareness
  • agility
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • coordination
  • sensation
  • motor skills

These are all items that can be maintained at a minimum and improved upon with a concentrated effort using ChiForLiving exercises or other forms of  Tai Chi movement programs.

What experiences or issues do you have with falling, balance or mobility that you feel would benefit from increased capabilities?  I would love to read your comments and opinions on this topic.

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