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Stretch with a slow motion overhead press

October 8, 2012

Slow motion overhead press

If you have ever seen weight lifters you have most likely seen the reverse curl and overhead press.

This is a great exercise for reaching high and working the shoulders and upper  back.

My variation includes some breathing exercise and suggests you make each movement as slowly as you can so that you feel the muscles as they move through each phase.

The idea is to work the muscles and not rely on momentum to carry you through the motions.

You can use some imagination with this exercise and pretend you are lifting a weight heavier than you think you area able to, and when you press overhead give it a slow solid press, with just a little “extra” push, reaching as high overhead as you can. Try keeping your back straight and moving your arms evenly through the entire sequence.

Try following the suggestions below:

  • Start with arms by your side, fingers curled into soft fists, back of hands facing forward.
  • Slowly curls your hands to your chest by bending your elbows and lifing from your wrists (not lifting from the shoulders)
  • Slowly press your hands overhead moving your hands first with your fists pulling your arms up behind them.
  • Relax your shoulders and slowly lower your arms back to your chest, than back to the starting position.

Once you are comfortable with the exericise you can add in breathing.  The slower you inhale and exhale, the slower you will move through the exercise motions.

The breathing sequence is:

  • Inhale as you bring your arms to your chest
  • Exhale on the push overheal
  • Inhale as your relax your shoulders and lower your arms
  • Exhale back to the starting position
  1. Annie permalink

    You are right on target with this exercise. I have been given instructions in physical therapy to do exercises like thease daily. It was difficult at first but as my back arm continues to heal it gets easier. I wish I had started doing these years ago. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Ann, I need more readers of my blog like you. Thanks for all the feedback you give me!


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