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Balance and strength building toe taps

December 10, 2012

Those who have been following any of my posts or articles should know that I am a huge proponent of building leg strength to help with the improvement in balance.
I feel that building a solid foundation of leg, hip and core strength is the main way to create better balance. IE: having the strength to support your body and hold positions as it moves from one place to another.

I am also a fan of using your body and working on mind body awareness as it builds muscles and coordination.

The front to back toe tap is great for working your hips, stomach (core), thighs and balance in one exercise.

The stationary support leg builds strength and stabilization while the moving leg works the lift and front to back “flexor” muscles. You also get some calf and ankle work with this movement.

Try the following and remember, the slower you go through the movement the more work you do, and the faster you will see results. The animation is about three times the speed you should be moving.

  • Start from standing postion, shoulders hanging relaxed, hands loose by your side.
  • Slowly lift your left knee as high towards you chest as you can
  • As you lower your leg reach out in front with your toe as far as you can reach and tap your toe
  • Lift your foot and reach back as far as you can and tap your toe
  • Bring your left foot forward and bring your knee back up to your chest
  • Relax  back to the starting standing position
  • Repeast 5 to 10 times and change to your opposite leg
  1. Annie permalink

    This is great! I am going to ask my physical therapist if I can do this while my shoulder break heals. I really need to exercise my lower body badly. Your post is wonderful.


  2. Thanks for all your support and comments Ann… I am glad you find the info useful.. I could use a few hundred more fans like you 🙂


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