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Motivation and the lack of it in aging seniors

December 13, 2012

How many seniors do you know that are not happy with the way they move or feel yet do nothing to attempt change?

For example, at the nutrition centers where I hold classes I have recently done surveys about exercise and got some returned blank with the seniors saying ‘I don’t do this type of thing”.
I see the sames ones just sitting there during presentations with blank expressions, or chatting, or playing cards while a good number participate on some level. In many cases doing much better than I expect.

I ask those who don’t participate why this is, and the answer is always similar to “no reason, I just don’t”. I ask if they have balance or mobility problems and more often than not the answer is yes, yet they do not seem motivated enough to work on changing the situation.

Granted, these same folk most likely did not exercise in their younger years so the thought process of self help in the area of fitness is not part of their tool set.

My question on this topic is how do you think we as caregivers, children of aging parents and aging boomers ourselves can motivate the unmotivated senior population to gear up and make some sort of fitness program part of their daily activities?

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