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Balancing the whole person through controlled movement

December 18, 2012

I talk often about physical balance,  having good leg strength and the ability to take a nice controlled step. For fall prevention, adding in awareness and being mindful of your balance is also huge, however it still requires the strength to make it happen.

The balance you gain from Tai Chi style movement works much deeper that strictly the ability to maintain standing and walking balance.

As an anti-aging exercise the benefits for brain health are huge as Tai Chi balances your brain and your body!

Consider that most of us are either right or left side dominant with the opposite side going along for the ride on most occasions. The dominant side does most of the work, gets used more for simple and difficult tasks, and is stronger and more coordinated.

Working with Tai Chi  forces your brain to work on body awareness to perform the movements evenly and works both sides physically to even out the structure.

Tai Chi specifically works your brain by using it to control alternating and complex patterns of movement, timing and coordinated breathing. What it does on one side of your body, it does on the other side, working to balance the mobility, flexibility, and mind body awareness.

All this work helps maintain healthier brain function.

The movements of Tai Chi are slow and deliberate, with your muscles moving, weight shifting and action taking place as a result of direct thought, and control.  Momentum and reflex are not part of the process.  The process of moving in Tai Chi, due to mental focus it takes causes a form of mental meditation which helps to balance out your brain, reduce stress and increase self awareness.



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