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As the year winds down it is time for reasessment

December 20, 2012

If we were all created exactly the same life would be so much easier. We would eat the same, think the same, grow the same and most likely age the same.

We all know this “just ain’t so”, right?

We each have out own bodies, mind and spirit which leads us down distinctly different paths.

As we age our life’s journey begins to display it’s impact. Injuries we have sustained, genetic inheritances become more apparent and our diets and lifestyle choices catch up to us.  Of course there is plenty of good in the mix as well, however aging play havoc with that as well.

At some point, hopefully sooner than later we look at ourselves and take an assessment of where we are and decide if we are happy where we are and where we are headed or if changes need to be made and implemented.

Because we are all so different addressing making changes is highly individualized. Especially so when an older individual decides to begin an exercise  program.

My Sensei taught me years ago about the importance of addressing this issue, and I preach this to my students. In all my instruction I use a few phrases such as:

  • don’t worry about what you can’t do, just do what you can
  • don’t worry about doing something wrong…  it is new and you will learn how to best apply this to your capabilities
  • there is no perfect – your body will dictate what you can do, or cannot do
  • big changes take time, so pay attention to and celebrate the little changes and successes

As you move into the coming year, should you choose to make any sort of change, no matter the type, please take it slow, one step at time and continue to assess what the changes manifest both internally and externally.



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