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We all have our own reasons for wanting to keep active… what’s yours?

January 16, 2013

As a teacher I am always interested about what brings people to my classes.  I know my reasons for wanted to keep active.  First, it helps me keep my sanity.  I was a runner who used that sport to settle my mind and burn off the stresses of life. I wish my knees and foot issues would allow me to run however I have accepted that I no longer can.

I came to Tai Chi as another source of keeping active, working on balance and strength and overall fitness and found the mental side, or inner focus to be just as important to my health.

Let me give you a few examples from the seniors I am teaching my theories of movement for everyday activities.  The common thread among them is maintaining their quality of life.

  • Lifestyle Retention: A new student who has came with his wife.  Both are in their 70’s.  The man, age 78 is a downhill skier.  He came to improve his balance and overall flexibility.  Want a little inspiration..  get this..  he is undergoing Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and refuses to give into it inhibiting his lifestyle.
  • Walking: His wife has her own physical issues, one of which is the start of a shuffling walk. He has been trying to get her to pay more attention to lifting her feet so for her, the rolling step training will be extremely beneficial.
  • Flexibility: Several woman have osteoporosis and are using the movement to regain some flexibility in the backs and shoulders.
  • Balance: Most of the seniors who come have balance issues.   They can all walk yet have the fear of falling.  Some when they first start moving, others have issues between steps, and some have trouble when they come to a stop.  For all of these cases, again, the rolling step, slow controlled movement and concentrated body awareness play critical rolls in building balance and leg strength.
  • Activities: Some women in the senior centers and living communities have hobbies which require use of their hands and arms. They are finding increased mobility and eye hand coordination from  the upper body routines.

Do you have activities, hobbies or an overall lifestyle that you want to hold on to as long as you can?  If so, what are you doing today to  help you maintain or improve you ability to keep doing what you do?

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