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When the seniors inspire me instead of the other way around.

January 28, 2013

Today was a great class at The House of the Good Shepherd Assisted Living Center.

I walked up the stairs to the meeting room to find 15 seniors, some with walkers, some with wheelchairs, and some some there totally ambulatory and all over 80 waiting patiently for class. One of the older woman in the group will be 99 on Feb. 1st.

I was greeted by a round of “there he is” as I came into the room. As I set up my CD player with the music of the day more residents were brought in and walked in.

We ended up with around 25 participants  including one who was blind and one who was deaf .

All of them smiling and waiting to get started I had to tell them first: “you are the type of group that inspires me. Here you sit with all your aches, pains and limitations yet ready and anxious to get started whereas other younger than you in some of other locations sit with their arms crossed and scowls on their faces unwilling to take part”.

One woman said, that is why you love us 🙂 She was right. It is their desire to keep going and wish to move, breath and live better that keeps me wanting to go back and help them. They are an easy and fun group to teach.

I have to assume that the younger seniors who don’t see a value will at some point as they age see that they are not as mobile as they once were. I can only hope they will suddenly find themselves waiting for a teacher such as myself to come up the stairs to get them moving.

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