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When benefits of balanced step training start to show through

February 13, 2013

Keep in mind that the students in my class at the Chester Senior Resource Center class are mostly older seniors, most over 75.  a couple in their mid 80’s and one is 93. Initially when they first started some had no balance, others had some and most all would “fall” into position. Almost all have one type of age related physical condition that they deal with on a daily basis that gets in the way of “life”.

Yesterday I decided to really slow things down and test the progress they are making on their overall balance.  This was as much for them to see the strides they have made as it was for me to check up on.

We mixed the Chi Walk with a single and double hand ‘”chop” arm / hand movement. Moving as slow as I could with the senior ladies (and men) following along proved to them the balance benefit they have been gaining.

They are finding they have more strength which allows them to hold balance on one leg as they moves from position to position at a “snails pace” and under full control.

The added gracefulness of movement is something they are rally starting to enjoy now that they are learning to move softly, smoothly with control and “relaxed” focus.

The mindfulness is giving way for some to the beginning of walking meditation.

You can’t really beat the results they are seeing, feeling and enjoying!

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