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Growing old too soon – an aging senior’s dilemma

February 14, 2013

I have a good friend who’s mother is in her upper 60’s. In this day and age of extended lifespans you would think that young right?

Not so with her.

She sees herself as old and guess what. She is old, and in many cases older than the 75 year old ( + ) seniors that come to my classes.

This woman moves slow, is full of fear and is getting that nasty aging-ness about her.

Compared to the active and spirited aging that I work with the difference in capabilities, appearance, physical and emotional health is drastic.

The issue is,  this is all the woman’s choice.  With no direct physical limitation she has chosen to sit and grow old despite a world of opportunity that surround her.

Do you know an “old” younger senior who needs a boost, a push or just a good talking to?

That  may be all they need to help jump start them to pursue an active, healthy and productive aging life.

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