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Physical Balance, a wonderful thing to have

February 21, 2013

qigong_leg_liftYou may never have the balance to hold this type of a position for a few reasons.

You don’t have the desire

You don’t have the strength

You don’t try

You think you can’t or never will be able to

I have to tell you, it is really cool when you can though.

I remember very well the first day I attended a class and my Sensei asked me to take a balance slow motion step forward.  I nearly fell over my own feet as I stumbled into the position.  It was awkward and embarrassing.  I had confidence going in since I had been a runner for years and had good leg strength…   for running as it turned out.

What I learned quickly was that the concentration, coordination and strength needed for Tai Chi was deceptive.  Such a soft looking exercise is very demanding.  My Sensei laughed at me that first day, saying based on what he saw I had no chance of gaining balance.

It was a gauntlet throw-down.  A great challenge which I took up with gusto.

I can proudly say that my balance is now quite good and that it gets used daily in ways I would never have thought.

In life, little movements:

  • walking from the sink, to the fridge
  • a turn-around to kiss my wife goodbye as she leaves for work
  • dragging the trash up a rocky incline to the pick-up spot (and back down the next day)
  • manuvering up and down stairs with laundry baskets (and other things)
  • picking up something that falls on the floor
  • reaching down to pet my cats
  • putting on  underwear, socks and pants while standing
  • and a whole lot more

The ability to do life with balance and control without thinking about it is wonderful.  Is there a fear of falling in my mindset?  Not if I can help it by continuing to work on my skills as I continue aging.

  1. Annie permalink

    Great blog! I love it. Then again, your blogs are always good plus useful to so many of us. Thank you and keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks Ann… I try to keep my rantings simple and relate-able 🙂


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