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Assisted living at times may also be assisted exercise

March 12, 2013

Today was a neat morning at Heath Village.  After 5 years of  teaching and working with these groups I am always surprised

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia folk were pretty actively involved in class today, following movements with quite a bit of coordination.  Some just do leg work, some just hands and others do everything.

They are an interesting group and hard to personally prep for as I never know what I will find when I get there.  There are many days when they all sleep through class with only one or two alert and motivated to work with em.

Class two was the Nursing Care group. A mix of active and some not very active. Quite a few of this group were very sleepy today.

One man, a stroke victim in his mid 70’s was assisted by his wife who was there as a visitor today. He did about 95% of the exercises as best he could while his wife smiled at his participation and attempts at things he really had to work at.

When I see people like those from today who work at self improvement I just shake my head when I think of others with no disability who just can seem to find the tine or incentive to exercise.

Do you work with folks or have parents, or perhaps yourself that just c an’t seem to get it together to exercise at least a few minutes each day?

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