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All in a days work – fitness for everyday living

March 27, 2013

There are certain themes that run in my head on a weekly, if not daily basis.  One of the main ones is the idea of keeping fit for everyday activities.

I am often asked what I mean by that since we all have different lifestyles and different views of what the word “activities” means.

Let me use my day today as an example for myself.

  • I woke up early at 5:45 to get ready for a meeting.  As a pref for this I went to bed early so that I still got my normal rest.  Yes, rest is an very important part of overall health and fitness.
  • I get my coffee at the local convenience store  (I call this a good thing, some may not)
  • I got to the building for the meeting and climbed the three flights of stairs while bypassing the elevator.  I also beat the folks entering the elevator (as I got to the stairs) to the third floor using my normal pace.  They were surprised to see me waiting for them.
  • After the meeting I went to a friends house to help him roll three  800 lb logs onto his trailer, and unload them.
  • We then moved a tractor and cabinet from his second floor workshop to his basement.
  • In between I had to climb a few sets of stairs and upon getting home did a few more sets of stairs.

Now, this is not extreme by any means.  This is life and as we know, life happens and you need to do what needs to be done as it does so.

When you look at your daily schedule, or plan out your days do you avoid activities which may stress you physically?

If so is it

  • out of fear
  • due to medical limitations
  • due to physical limitation
  • out of laziness
  • or just because

Are there things you would really like to do that you cannot because of the shape you are in.  If so, I truly suggest you having a change of heart and look to ways to improve  the quality of your life and start adding those activities back in.

Before you start:

  • Have you checked with your doctor to see if there are any reasons to not work at getting into better shape?
  • Think about goals – if you are not a runner plan on walking, not running   (get the point?)
  • What limitations do you want to overcome
  • Are you looking for singular activities like gardening, or some group activity like a swimming  or yoga class?
  • Is cost a factor?

No matter what,  it all starts from your point of view and asking yourself: “if this happened today, would I be fit enough to deal with it”.



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