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Yard work is real exercise, and it relates to living fit

March 29, 2013

Here is a quick example of how the strategy of keeping  fit for everyday activity plays a part if my life.

Spring is here and there is a ton to do to get our yard back into shape. Branches abound due to winter storms, especially Sandy, which devastated our woods.

We also have the normal maintenance to get ready for mowing and keeping the surrounding woods at bay.

Today I took down two small pine trees at the edge of the yard which have been dying for the last three or four years. What did this entail you may ask.

Here it goes:

  • Bending and stretching to get the chain saw out of the shed which was buried under other various tools and yard type implements.
  • Squatting to test the blade and chain, and of course fill the gas and chain oil.
  • Semi squat and use of shoulder and arm to pull the chord many many times to get it started.
  • Squats with extended arms to hold chainsaw out and steady with even pressure and control to cut accurate and safely.
  • Use of arms, shoulders and upper back to move and separate branches for additional trimming and cutting.
  • Legs and core to steady and hold position while performing said cutting and trimming.
  • Arms and shoulders to carry / drag away debris and legs to walk down and up embankments and our sloped yard many times back and forth.
  • Shoulders, back and arms to rake and pull out leaves and vines to semi clean the area once the tree debris was removed.

All in all this was a two hour project which used just about every muscle group.  I stress that this is not gym like lifting and pressing weights.  However, it is exercise for the type of life I live.  At 59, which is still young I know, I am glad to be able to keep doing this type of work.

You may not have this type of “stuff” to do on a regular basis, but if you look at what you do, or want to do and break it down you will find that that keeping fit will play a huge part.

After all, everything you do requires movement!



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