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Life is a game, do you want to play?

April 5, 2013

Years ago I had an instructor name Nick in a class named INCREASE.

It was a personal development seminar that was kinda “out there”.  This was the same era that EST and many other of those programs of that ilk were proliferating.

Two of the main take away mantras I came home with were:

  • You create your own reality
  • Life is a game, do you want to play

I have carried these with me ever since and use them in all that I do.  My mom ( who took the course along with dad and my brother ) and I were still taking about this on my last trip a few weeks ago.  We are talking about 42 years later.  Think they had an effect on us?

How does this relate to my blog?  I am glad I asked that…  It allows me to tell you.

Each day I think about exercise.  Do I do it each day…  surprisingly to some , no, although I preach about it constantly.  So what’s up with this?  Simple, I am human, I can be lazy and I don’t always follow my own advice.


 I create the times to do and not do my exercise.  The only think stopping me is me.  There is no other excuse for it.

And then:

I look at life as a game.  I have a great sense of play in what I do and I try my best to convey that to all those I teach and come in contact with.   So yes,

Life is a game and I choose to play

In attitude, career,  relationships, exercise and well, just about all I do.


Let me know if you play at life since after all:  You can’t take yourself seriously until you can laugh at yourself.



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  1. Annie permalink

    Great blog!


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