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Here is a quick personal fitness attitude assessment

April 8, 2013

No matter how old you are exercise should be an important part of your lifestyle.  If not everyday, at least a few times a week.

The process starts with thinking about fitness, and how you approach adding movement and exercise into your daily routine.

The following is a quick self assessment of your attitude toward exercise, and could be the first thing you need to work on to make a positive change in your health and long term healthy aging.

Please leave a comment with your number choice below:

  1. I go out of my way to find ways to be active and exercise
  2. I go out of my way to avoid exercise or strenuous activity
  3. I work hard enough so I don’t need to exercise
  4. I never think about it at all
  5.  It does not matter either way
  1. Great post (and great blog!) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks! I try to write about life and fitness and aging in a way folks can relate too.. not too fancy.. with a bit of fun added in.


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