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Racing mind syndrome and how to get your words to the finish line

April 14, 2013

The following is an example of focus and concentration and a benefit for me from Tai Chi and my own ChiforLiving teaching.

Yesterday after a seminar to a small caregivers class, Tracy, the owner of Home Instead of Warren County came up and said:

“I could do your program without seeing you, just listening to your voice and verbal instructions. I have knows you for a long time and know you have a stutter, however when you teach, it does not show. It is almost as if you are singing”

You see, I have a racing mind… it works faster than I speak, which often forces me to verbally stumble. There is such focus needed to do the movements (and to speak them) that is clears out the clutter and slows down my mind, which for me and my stutter is a great thing.

For those who say, I could never move this slow, or I need a program to keep up with my racing mind, it would also be a perfect exercise.

I have has quite a number of students who have said “I can’t believe how calming these movements are” after just one class. As a  relaxation tool, and as  way to connect with your body, I strongly suggest giving Tai Chi or Qigong style exercise a try.

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