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Seniors who push themselves to be walker free are great to see!

May 8, 2013

I am never sure who I will see at each center I attend.  At least not all of who I will see.

However, there is always a core group who are always in their respective seats…  and God forbid their spot is taken by the way.

In any event, this core group is a mix of some very to slightly interested in what I do, some who ignore me and some who just watch and wonder why I do it and other who know but just can’t participate or think they can’t.

Of those who join in, some do so with their doctors blessings and some do despite their doctors orders not to.  The one common theme among all those who join in the exercises is that they want to maintain or improve.  They realize they still have a lot of  life left which is not measured in years, but in attitude.

Today fore example, on a day with heavy rain, a spring chill in the air and general nasty conditions, many of the seniors came out to exercise.  Some came via the county bus, some drove, some had wheelchairs, walkers or canes, yet they came.

And best of all…  each time at some locations more and more seniors are joining in and are asking questions like:  what can do to help or improve various issues and problems they are having.

The bottom line is, the seniors who want a better quality of life will take advantage of opportunities, even if not at first.

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