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There are options for senior fitness everywhere… do you seek them out?

May 30, 2013

A good test of my resilience coming up… In June I have 49 teaching sessions spread among 11 different locations with a mix of ChiForLiving balance and range of motion fitness, ChiForLiving chair based fitness and a few Tai Chi classes tossed in.

The mix of capabilities of all the senior participants is as wide ranging as you can imagine.

These sessions are a mix of working with:

  • an Alzheimer’s groups
  • a man with Parkinson’s and his family support team
  • seniors at my county’s nutrition centers
  • seniors in assisted living centers
  • the county continuing ed program
  • a local library
  • a local church senior resource outreach program
  • and some straight Tai Chi in a few classes of my own.

All this is happening in my area and I am sure if you look around no matter where you are you can find ways to keep moving and bujild fitness just as the seniors here in NW NJ do.

What are you doing this summer to stay active and work toward a lifestyle of fit and healthy aging?

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