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Chores and daily activities – how well do you handle the physical work?

June 24, 2013

Food for thought:

When working on a fitness program, think of what you do in your normal daily activities and hobbies.

Then seek out a program that will help you perform those activities at a higher level and increased capability then you currently have.

Examples of what many people have trouble with and most older seniors find near impossible,  with some comments for “fun”:

  • Stairs (give me a ranch house)
  • Walking any sort of distance (can’t we park in the handicap zone?)
  • Bending (you mean I need to clean up after my pet?)
  • Reaching overhead ( I don’t really need all that stuff stored up there)
  • Standing up (I’ll  just sit right here and wait for someone to come over to get me what I need)
  • Lifting (oh my god, why did you fill each bag so full?)

When you really look at your life, and what you need to improve to live how you would like, exercise makes much more sense. It it not just to be stronger, have more wind, increase your balance and build muscles.  It is to live with independence.  Having a reason to move and exercise greatly helps with motivation and generally gets much better results.

Once you are moving better doing normal activities you may be inspired to move beyond your typical or “standard” and work towards activities which push you to a higher degree of fitness.

This could very well lead you to a ongoing cycle of fitness plateaus followed by new growth.

At a minimum improving overall fitness will get you in shape to do what you do and living healthier with  better quality while you are at it.

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