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How you see your fitness potential is all about the angle of view

June 27, 2013

Food for thought:

You don’t necessarily need to be a gym rat, but you do need to be able to move.

For example, the other day at one of nutrition centers I asked one of the staff who is very overweight if she would work with me today. She said “maybe in a few months after I lose some of my excess weight”.

There were many different ways I could have responded to that comment,  many of which would have been hurtful and non-productive. The hurtful comments would have  been from my reality and most likely not at all in hers.

As a teacher I need to be able to read people and to be able to understand their outlook enough to speak to their needs.  Usually those needs are cloaked.

This woman was obviously not seeing herself as someone who could exercise in her current condition. Therefore there was no sense trying.

She felt that losing weight would make her more capable, however the only thing that was going to make her capable of exercise was her mindset.

I got her to do some of the arm movements though after saying to her “how about today you start prepping for when you are more capable by doing some simple stuff today”.

I did not say “if you wait you will never start because there will always be another excuse. I simply changed her angle of view.

Could you benefit from this type of adjusted perspective?

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