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Hip Hip Hooray – holistic healing and avoiding surgery!

July 15, 2013

Sometimes your body simply needs a little help to get  itself back on track…. it takes a whole person approach

and sometimes medical professionals are too wound up in their specialties and desire to do ‘their work’  to say “perhaps you should try this alternative first and if it does not work, come back and talk to me”.

Following are two short stories.

My personal example:

Many years ago I had a back issue, or at least I thought it was my back… some sort of spine thing…

Following a recommendation from my doctor I ended up at an orthopedic surgeon.  He took a few x-rays and told me the only way I was going to get rid of the shooting pains in my leg,  my low back and my hip was via surgery to fix the bulged disc in my low back.

I chose to look for yet another way as I had already been living with this for a couple months, I felt a few more weeks would not kill me.

A friend suggested a chiropractor in a local town.  My visit to him was quite eye opening.  This wonderful chiropractor said “you don’t have issues with your disc and you don’t need me.  You have a trapped nerve and need to find a good deep tissue massage person”.

Following is advice I did track down just the right woman.  The fix was not easy or quick.  It took months for the body to heal itself with her assistance however when it did, it did it quickly.  One day the muscle relaxed just enough, snapped back into place and released the nerve. The next day I was fine, ending a 9 month journey of agonizing pain.

So, surgery on a disc would have done nothing.  How about that!

and number  two:

A great testimonial from one of my students:

Hi Stan,

Just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your tai chi classes (I’ve attended at the SRC/Chester and Washington Township Library )…and look forward to more.

On recommendation of my family doctor I visited an orthopedic surgeon for strong pain in one of my hips which was interfering with my life and activities. After X-rays etc. he said I was a candidate for a hip replacement. I had been taking yoga classes and visiting the gym after a course of PT hoping to alleviate the situation but was still not ready to give up trying any/every thing to avoid the surgery that now seemed the last resort…that is when I heard about your classes and with nothing to lose, I joined. As each week passed, with class and home practice, the pain and the situations that brought about the pain began to diminish. While I do get an occasional, manageable pain now and then, there is no hip replacement on my calendar or even daily use of Advil.


Buel Ecker

…..   now imagine if she had gone the route of surgery, rehab and hopefully a full recover

The bottom line here is, always always always check with and perhaps try every option before taking the idea of surgery as your only choice as gospel.

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