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Shake, rattle and roll – observing movement effects on Parkinson

July 26, 2013

Teaching the subject of movement, balance and mobility that I do to a mostly over 70 year old crowd is an experience almost every time out. You never quite know with some of the less active or nursing care seniors what you will face from day to day.

Then I get some special cases like the gentleman around 60 years of age who has Parkinson’s.

So far it has been quite interesting observing which motions and hand / arm positions cause less or more shakes with him.

  • Some motions with closed fists seem to calm the shaking, as do movements with his palms turned up.
  • Movements with palms turned down with hands relaxed seems to cause more shaking.
  • Side to side movements calm it
  • Raising of the outstretched arms with palms down calm it
  • Lowering of the outstretched arms with palms down has a calming effect to a certain point where normal shaking returns
  • Very slow and controlled movement takes more concentration which increases shaking

Today I asked him to do an exercise and intentionally shake or wiggle his hands.  He told me he could not yet managed to.

We have only had a few classes and both the participant, his sister and I are very curious to see what happens with this over time.

Stay tuned!


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